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Weight Loss Testimonials

“I have struggled with weight my entire life. Over the years I have tried many things that have worked and others that have not. Optiburn is the first weight loss program that produced this amount of success and results. It’s built in a way that I can now maintain the work that I have done and incorporate it into my life long term. What was even more exciting is that my wife and I did this together. We both had great outcomes and plan to continue our health journeys.
We learned so much from Optiburn and it helped us identify what works and doesn’t work for our individual bodies. This plan also helps minimize inflammation and move the body towards overall health. Because of that, I feel better than I have in years and have much more energy. I am excited to offer this program to all our current and future patients. I believe in this program completely and that anyone ready to take the next step toward a healthier lifestyle, and commits to the program completely, will see these results for themselves.”

--Dr. Dennis

“ Those who know me, know that I’m not a fan of fad diets. I was at the point where I knew I had to get the Covid weight off but was complacent with not working out and eating whatever seemed the easiest at the time. There was no real urgent motivating factor to give me the push to get myself back to a healthy weight and fitness level. After analyzing all of my patients’ chief complaints and symptoms, that’s when I received my motivation. 90% of their complaints included the inability to lose weight, and about another 50% of those were limited to start care by their finances. We know that weight and health have a correlation, so we as an office got to thinking: What if we offered a less expensive wellness plan that got our patients a more direct result, and being healthier was just along for the ride? Enter our new weight loss program.
I’m not just the Lead Clinician, I’m also a client. This is the most comprehensive weight loss program that I have seen to date, and what makes it so successful is that it incorporates a little bit of what all the most successful metabolic strategies utilize. After 40 days, I was down a total of 24 lbs. I can’t lie and say it’s easy. The first week is probably the most difficult while getting used to the lifestyle changes. Once you realize that you’re doing it for the most important person in your life (you), it gives you the motivation you need to keep going. If you are a numbers person, you’re really going to enjoy this process. Personally, I’m not particularly eager to document my life, however, seeing the number on the scale consistently go down and being able to relate any increases or decreases to something that I ate the day before was pretty remarkable. I finished 2 weeks ago and I’m still weighing myself daily.”

--Dr. Vito

“As a 46-year-old woman, it amazes me what we’ve been conditioned to believe about our bodies. I fell into that trap last year when I gained fifteen pounds in a very short amount of time. My brain was saying “You’re at that age now.” My entire life I’ve heard the stories, read articles, seen advertisements, and listened to my elders talk about what happens after 40. The big turning point and clearly the point of no return! As I watched the number on the scale go up, I felt my determination start to go down. Even though I’ve always been a healthy and active person, I started to get comfortable in a place I was so uncomfortable. I felt different in my skin, my bloating was horrible, and I was preparing for the worst. It’s funny how we just settle for where we are sometimes. It’s not so funny that most of that comes from being told something repeatedly and then believing it.
I started our Optiburn program 6 weeks ago. My focus was to lose the extra weight but what happened was greater than that. I gained my freedom back from all of the labels, stories, and other things that had molded the way I was starting to view myself. I stopped believing that the weight couldn’t come off or that I just had to accept the bloating, fatigue, and uncomfortableness. The control was back in my hands, and it feels incredible. So much power comes with your thoughts! After only a short amount of time, my view of food changed, not because of the weight loss but because of the way my body was responding. After 6 weeks I feel great, my joint pain is gone, my self-confidence is back and my drive for change is strong. It’s unfair the untruths that we’ve been told and it’s also unfair to pass them along. We can be something different and amazing at any age. We can change our own mindset, take responsibility for our own health, and create the change for other women around us. Challenge yourself to create a new standard, a new place where you feel good and a place that you’re proud to be. Come join me it feels amazing!”


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Optiburn Metabolic Cycling Program. The first week was a huge learning curve with understanding how and why the program works. It was initially a bit of a struggle while my body adjusted to only ingesting whole and natural foods, but once I passed that hurdle, I found a rhythm with meal planning and prep. If I have one piece of advice, it is to set yourself up for success and use all of the tools and suggestions this program recommends. This works if YOU work with it. In 6 weeks I lost 15 lbs. I love that I not only lost weight but gained some education on healthier food choices and alternatives and this has helped me keep the weight off. 

I had some pretty incredible non-scale wins, too! I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol in my early 20s. (I am genetically predisposed to both.) After just 6 weeks I had my first normal reading of blood pressure in many years (even with medication). I also had my labs come back with cholesterol levels in the normal range. I have struggled to achieve that on my own for over a decade. And lastly, being in law enforcement, my duty belt takes a huge toll on my back and hips and causes daily pain. Losing the extra pounds has provided relief and made each day more comfortable for me physically. I plan to repeat the program in the next couple of weeks and look forward to my future successes with Optiburn.”


“If I’m honest, I was skeptical before starting the 6-week Optiburn Program. I’ve been battling with my weight since my first child (19 years ago!). I’ve had some small success over the years with the MANY diets I’ve attempted, but it has been hard-won and the weight loss was excruciatingly slow. Optiburn brings you back to whole and natural foods and allows your body to detox from all the artificial products we ingest daily. In complete transparency, the first week was HARD but the results were almost instant and they were incredibly motivating. Once I adjusted and learned how to work the program, I settled in and started watching the numbers on the scale decrease consistently. By the end, in just 6 weeks, I had lost 11 pounds. Before this, I never lost this amount of weight in this short time frame with any other diet.

I also had some great non-scale victories. I have never been able to give up traditional coffee creamer and sugar and it’s always hindered my weight loss. This program introduced me to healthier alternatives and 2 weeks after completing my 6 weeks, I am still incorporating my learned lessons and healthy choices. My carbohydrate addiction (I know so many of you can relate!) has been severely curbed and it’s freeing to no longer feel the need to ingest the empty calories or eat “just because”. Each meal and snack are now a conscious and planned choice because I am enjoying how I currently feel and look. I will be starting another round of the 6-week program shortly and am looking forward to continuing my journey to an even healthier me!”


“Doreen is only HALF-way through the weight loss program and she’s already lost 21 pounds! She’s gained energy, self-control, and detailed knowledge about what works for her body. She feels in control and is extremely dedicated to continuing her success with the program.”
We cannot wait to witness the 2nd half of her transformation!
Mishella lost 30lbs in 40 days and says she went from feeling “okay” to feeling AMAZING!
Ann took all the lessons the program taught her and she repeated her results multiple times over the course of 12 months to lose a total of 112lbs! And she’s kept it off!
Rosetta lost 55 lbs and came off of 8 medications!
Suhail lost 20 lbs and gained energy!
Jackie lost 23 lbs and changed her nutrition for good in just 6 weeks!

BEFORE she was…                                       

  • Tired
  • Depressed
  • Unmotivated to exercise
  • Dreaded shopping
  • Disliked taking photos
  • Addicted to sugar/carbs
  • On medications (diabetes, thyroid, BP)
  • Nothing worked/always gained weight back

AFTER she is…

  • Energy
  • Happiness
  • Able to be active (hiking, gym, playing w kids)
  • Confidence
  • Able to fit comfortably into clothes
  • Doesn’t mind photos
  • True to self… maintains better relationships
  • Able to leave a legacy of health for family
Optiburn works for ALL ages!
Heather lost 25 lbs and is now off RA meds and is full of confidence!
“The couple who gets healthy together, WINS together!”
“Look at her confidence!”
The smiles of success never get old!