What is “Healthy Eating”?

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Healthy food

What is “Healthy Eating”?

I often hear people say, “I think I’m eating healthy and doing the right things,” but it’s tricky to understand what the right things are because they’re so different for everyone.

Imagine if you could identify foods that work in your favor. What if you could find fats and carbs that are truly healthy for your body, or what if I told you things like butter and cheese might help you lose weight and keep it off? I hope your next thought would be, “How is that possible?” I’m here to tell you that with our process it is possible, and we guarantee it.

We first start by removing the carbs and fats that we want to test and then we reintroduce them one at a time to see how your body responds. Out of 25 fats that we might test, we generally find 10-12 that work in a client’s favor, and between 8-10 nutrient-dense carbs that produce the same results.

Imagine being able to pair together a meal that consists of a steak, baked potato, and butter, and still lose weight because we’ve identified these foods as burners for you. How much easier would it be if we took the guesswork out of “healthy eating”?

On the flip side, any of the items that don’t yield a positive result don’t need to be fully eliminated from your diet—they just need to be kept in moderation. You might just put more thought into eating those items and pairing them with better choices to create balance.

If you’re eating “healthy” and not seeing the results that you would expect, then it’s likely that either the combinations of food aren’t working for you or some of the foods are inflammatory for your body (inflammation = weight gain). If you need help with understanding what’s working for you and what isn’t, schedule a new patient appointment to get all of your weight loss questions answered!